About SEN

Sara E Napoletani

I am a watercolour and egg tempera artist, illustrator and designer. I sign myself SEN, my initials and logo for my work.  

I studied Fine Art at ColchesterSchool of Art and Design from 2000 to 2003.

My work has been exhibited from London to the Lake District and many places in-between. I sell my original paintings through exhibitions and private views, which can be arranged by contacting me.  Prints of my work are available from the 'Prints to buy' page. My birds are also available as handmade bespoke lampshades.  Just email me for a price list.  Fabrics and wallpapers will be on here by August 2017.

The studies of birds are inspired by the freedom of flight and delicacy of pure beauty of these fabulous creatures. Though their lives are tough, they have an elegance about their being which clarifies their whole existence on this planet. They are the epitome of spirits in the wind and I endeavour to re-create their spirit in my painting.

I live in East Anglia and have exhibited locally including Slackspace and The Minories in Colchester.

I am a member of Colchester Art Society and used to sit on the committee in charge of running their website.

Although I have predominantly concentrated on landscapes and aspects of interior rooms during my career, these days my passion for wildlife has diversified my art towards my present genre of art.

I paint using watercolour and egg tempera, which is one of the oldest mediums and uses pure colour pigment powder and yolk. I find egg tempera to be vibrant, ebullient and challenging.

For the past 10 months, I have been working towards printing my designs onto silk,  along with other exciting ventures within interior design, which are now coming to fruition.  My first collection of silk lampshades is now complete and I am continuing with my designs for wallpapers and fabrics, which will be ready to add to my collection in August 2017, so keep checking the website for more information on this in the near future.

My Studio
My Bird Filled Garden

I have a studio in my garden, opposite which I have a flower garden where I can see lots of wildlife and many garden birds.

These include my Blackbird pair, which every morning pull worms from the grass, nesting Blue Tits, Great Tits and a family of Long Tailed Tits, Starlings with their large families and of course the humble Sparrows, which sing so sweetly, all regularly visit my feeder, to name but a few.

Lakeland Peace
Although I have always loved to draw and sketch wildlife, from bugs to birds to animals, my work has included landscapes, in particular the Lake District.

I have been visiting the most mountainous parts of the Western Lakes for 30 years and it is here that I love to sketch whatever I see in the peaceful tranquility of being far from the beaten track.

This photo gives an idea of how far from the 'madding crowd' this place is.


I also have paintings awaiting my attention. This one is egg tempera (work in progress) and from a series of ‘Interiors” which I am working on alongside ‘Spirit of Birds’.

This tiny snippet of my other work should give you an idea of how I work as an artist.

I shall endeavour to keep you posted with all my new fabrics, wallpapers and a new collection of silk lampshades, so keep checking my website for updates on this!

I shall also be sending out via email (for those who've subscribed) my first Newsletter on 4th August 2017.  These will be sent out quarterly and will be due:  November '17, February '18, May '18 and August '18 etc. 

I hope you enjoy my work here and thanks for taking the time to have a look!.


N.B. I only ever use free range eggs for my egg tempera.