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    Welcome to the home for luxury, bespoke, unique & hand-crafted designs for your home. Lampshades, Fabrics & Fine Art.

    We are still open

    During this time of social distancing has meant that printing my fabrics and lampshades are taking between 7 and 14 days to produce and my pure silk pashminas are taking between 14 and 21 days to produce (there is an extra process my pashminas go through to ensure quality when washed).

    And a note about my New Scarfs that are coming:  These are similar in design to the Pashminas but smaller: 30cmX120cm selling at ¬£60.

    They will be here to order by first week in May.

    However, once I have an item in stock it only usually takes 2 days to send out. 

    Updated:  25/04/2020

    Bird Song Gallery is an on-line Gallery where bird prints can be purchased and silk lampshades, fabrics, pashminas and scarfs featuring birds are also available to order and buy.  

    It is part of SEN Art Limited and designed & run by me, Sara E Napoletani.  Please feel free to look through my pages of Silk Lampshades, Fabrics, Pashminas, Scarfs & Vintage Style from the menu at the top, where you can also contact me directly, sign up for my Newsletter and check out any up-coming events.  

    All fabrics, lampshades & pashminas are available to view & examine in detail at the Bird Song Gallery Studios by appointment.  Just contact me to make an appointment or email: [email protected] for anymore details.



    Sara E Napoletani, captures the delicate spirit of birds through her intricate illustrations. Each of her paintings reflect the character of the bird species through detailed mark-making, colour and pose. The Bird Song Gallery boasts a collection of paintings, prints, illustrations, lampshades, fabrics and wallpapers all reflecting Sara’s admiration for birds. Their lifestyle, freedom, delicacy and spirit are evident in every hand drawn and painted image.

    Whilst available in both canvas and print form as an alternative, accomplished artist Sara makes her creative pieces accessible for the home interiors market by producing silk lampshades. Digitally printed onto Silcott Heavy Satin, the birds appear to fly within a framed sky. By only selecting the highest quality products you can be assured that these lampshades are each created with care and attention to detail.

    At the Silk Bureau we have unanimously enjoyed being part of the development of these products. From the initial artwork we could tell that Sara had a desirable product just waiting to be created. Now that the artwork has been so beautifully translated into layouts for the lampshades and the repeat pattern fabrics to follow, each step of the printing process has been a joy to follow.

    We wish Sara great success in this and future collections. She’ll be one to watch.

    The Silk Bureau Limited

    New Fabrics are here for Spring/Summer 2020! Below are 2 new fabrics. Click the button here to take you to FABRICS!

    New Fabrics are being created & designed and will be here & ready to order by May 2020


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