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All fabrics, lampshades & pashminas are available to view & examine in detail at the Bird Song Gallery Studios by appointment.  Just contact me to make an appointment or email: [email protected] for anymore details.

blackbird pashmina
blackbird silk
sparrows hydrangea pashmina
sparrows silk
birds pashmina
birds silk
wrens daffodils pashmina
wrens silk
hummingbird pashmina
hummingbird silk
Prussian Blue Peacock Pashmina
Indian peacocks

To Place an Order

Please complete the form below with the Pashmina Name in the box marked 

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Remember to allow 10 - 14 days for delivery

I will send you an invoice for your order along with payment options.  

Please contact me for all enquiries.

Thank you


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Delivery is free for local clients but a small charge may need to be added to orders placed further than 15 miles from the Bird Song Gallery studio

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